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Bioneer assists clients in the pre-clinical and early clinical phases with production of recombinant proteins in a variety of mammalian cell systems, with access to existing or development of novel functional assays based upon mammalian cells as well as general technology development, e.g. bioreactor evaluation, biobanking, and cell handling. In fact, we can support our clients in the entire process of bringing a novel biologic compound from the laboratory through pre-clinical evaluation for functionality and safety.


Bioneer offers evaluation of compounds using mainly three cell systems 1) Primary dendritic cells (human and murine) 2) Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and 3) cell line based models. We provide services in our model systems in the discovery process (mainly evaluation of mechanism of action and immune modulation and suppression of specific inflammatory responses) as well as activities involved in the development process (mainly evaluation of safety of IV administered drugs, and assessment of potency).


Bioneer addresses a client's needs for limited amounts of recombinant proteins, e.g. during the discovery phase and preclinical phase of biologics development.


Turning an active compound into a drug product

Pharmaceutical services, covering the field from lead identification to final formulation of the active compound, are provided by Bioneer:FARMA.

Bioneer:FARMA is a business unit of Bioneer established in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FARMA), University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Bioneer offers a range of services related to the identification, validation and documentation of disease relevant biomarkers and drug targets. These services comprise a toolbox of molecular methods that will facilitate the pre-clinical development of both biomarkers, drug-targets and active compounds, which will be useful in diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic contexts, and, furthermore, serve as effective means to optimize clinical trial designs.


The Dynamic Gastric Model is the first true "dynamic" in-vitro model of the human stomach that fully replicates the complex biochemical conditions and the array of gastric forces crucial for the prediction of oral pharmaceuticals and food products


Bioneer assists Tracer Pharma in growth aspirations
In the fall of 2015, the Danish company Tracer Pharma successfully obtained funding from the Innobooster program, supported by Bioneer and the InnovationAgent program.
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How much can Bioneer shave off your costs for cytotoxicity assessment?
Bioneer offers a highly price-competitive service on toxicity assessments - get in touch to know more and benchmark it with your current provider!
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Cellular Reprogramming and Culture of hiPSCs
Bioneer to be responsible for a whole section on gene editing
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